Key Features of O-Trim

Present every post and message with a link to your page that is prim and adds to the value of your brand. O-Trim has multiple features that do much more than just shortening a URL link.

Easy access and enhanced performance

Shorten a long URL

Add a name for the shortened URL

Track past links and add a name to past links

Answer support related queries in an easy way

Search and find an alias name for the URL

FAQ Looking For Something Else?

Here are some of the most-requested sources for information.

O-Trim is a simple tool that converts a long URL into a short URL.

It is impossible to remember long URLs; hence, shortened URL helps business communities share short URLs on social media and other channels for advertisement.

A custom, or branded URL shortener, is when you’ve connected your custom domain to a URL shortener that acts as a base for all the short links you create. Instead of using a generic domain, you can pick your own.

Users can paste a long URL and shorten it later again; they can change that shortened URL with another long URL.

Registered user tracking of your past links showing the user’s geolocation, i.e. IP address, country, city etc., enables registered users to understand how many users across the world click your shortened URL links.