The Internet of the AI Economy

ONPASSIVE is building several exciting products featuring Artificial intelligence. Our research laboratory engineers and data scientists are working on developing solutions that help businesses work more effectively. ONPASSIVE’s products are built with core technology and innovation that assists in multi-level automation, enabling unparalleled digital transformation.
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Investonpassive is building revolutionary technology that monetizes the AI & data revolution

ONPASSIVE aims to provide the blockchain technology to states, banks, financial startups, or individual users around the world.


Deploy Models In Any Environment And Enable Drift Detection, Custom Alarms, Automatic Retraining, And Real-Time Monitoring.


ONPASSIVE Enables Data Science Teams To Rapidly Share Their Applications To Colleagues And Business Clients, Accelerating Company-Wide Adoption.


ONPASSIVE'S Award-Winning Automatic AI And ML Technologies Solve The Most Challenging Issues, Including Time Series And Natural Language Processing.

Grow Revenues And Profits

ONPASSIVE’s products are built with core technology and innovation, keeping in mind the functionalities that can redefine how a business operates, grows, and accelerates its path to success.

Join us to build the next big tech

ONPASSIVE's AI research lab has modeled its solutions to change the modus operandi of various SAAS products. The current solutions have only quietly created a stagnant disruption impacting the existing technologies. We were exploring every option and chose not to leave any stone unturned. We will be pleased to have you on board if you think you have a similar interest. The tech wizards at ONPASSIVE will get back to you with a possible collaboration to assist you.

ONPASSIVE aligns simulated AI with your overall business methodology, supporting you to focus on using a case, to begin with.
ONPASSIVE's AI System integrates with your current business frameworks, so there's no need to rip and replace.
ONPASSIVE ingests, unifies, and transforms your data to deliver quick outcomes within a short time to add value.
AI solutions are configured and designed to address your issues, each focusing on optimizing explicit business functions.
We deliver accurate business results with a scope of solutions across the value chain, embedding data-driven decision-making into every aspect of your business.

Nurturing a dream to make a difference

ONPASSIVE AI-based Startup is the only Total Internet Solutions (TIS) company with a complete ecosystem of AI-driven applications and tools. Tagged as the first-ever robust Smart Business Solution (SBS), ONPASSIVE is the one-stop solution for all your innovative and technological necessities.

Who we are


Business Intelligence

ONPASSIVE is a revolutionary global technology provider that enables digital transformation through automation with its range of AI-powered solutions.





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Facilitating Digital Transformation

We are #TheFutureOfInternet

ONPASSIVE AI Software product development company brings a competitive advantage, innovation, and fresh perspectives to business and technology challenges. We accelerate innovation and transform businesses from strategy to designing, implementation, and management.

AI With
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Evolve with Sustainable Solutions Delivering End-To-End

AI Solutions

ONPASSIVE is pioneering the technology revolution with its data-driven solutions that aim to scale productivity and efficiency. We facilitate the streamlining of processes by implementing our sustainable digital solutions.

ONPASSIVE - The Future Of Internet

We are an AI technology company that builds fully autonomous SaaS products using the latest AI Software Technologies for our global customer base. The customers who aim to accelerate innovation and transform their businesses from strategy to designing, implementing, and managing get their subscription to our software products through the SaaS business model.